150 lb. Flange Adapter
- In compliance with NFPA 20
- 150 lb. flat faced flange with grooved end rated for 300 PSI working pressure
- Space saving design
- 4x4 in., 4x6 in., 6x6 in., 6x8 in., 8x8 in., and 8x10 in.
- Provides grooved connection at the pump discharge
- Can be used as a concentric discharge increaser
- Significant cost savings over alternate designs
- Saves a lot of installation time
- No more wasted time installing additional flanged connections

Cast / Grooved Test Header
- In compliance with NFPA 20 flow testing requirements
- Grooved connection - no need for adapter flanges
- 4 in., 6 in., 8 in., and 10 in. sizes
- Suitable for 500 GPM to 3500 GPM fire pump applications up to 300 PSI working pressure
- Cost advantage to other standard hose header designs
- Cast iron construction
- Saves a lot of installation time

1500 GPM In-Line Fire Pump
- 10 Pipe diameters of straight suction pipe is not required
- Compact, self-contained, self-venting design
- Requires 30% less space than a horizontal split case pump
- Easy to install requiring about 50% less installation time
- Capable of being mounted vertically
- Suction and Discharge flanges are on the same centerline
- Requires no base, coupling, or guard eliminating special pads, foundations, or bases in most cases
- Motor can rotate for easy accessibility to the junction box
- With only one stuffing box, leakage is reduced by 50%
- Bearing free pump design
- No field alignment is required because the impeller mounts directly to the motor shaft that pulls out for easy maintenance