The staff at Underwood Fire Equipment is dedicated to providing you, the customer, with the highest level of prompt courteous service. One call to our knowledgeable sales staff can answer all of your installation and technical questions. At Underwood Fire Equipment we pride our self on being the best in the industry, setting the bar high for the rest of industry to follow. At Underwood Fire Equipment we know and appreciate the value of human life and therefore take our job very seriously. That is why we strive everyday to make sure the minute details are correct, because when you are dealing with human lives there is absolutely no room for error.

Darrell -
Phone Ext. 103

Damon -
Sales Manager
Phone Ext. 102

Nichole -
Service / Office Manager
Phone. Ext. 100

Brenda - Administration / Accounts Payable
Phone Ext. 101

Gary -
Senior Field Technician


Bobby -
Field Service Technicin

Dave -
Field Service Technician

Jerry -
Field Service Technician

Derek -
Phone Ext. 105

Joe -
Field Service Technician